Saturday, December 15, 2012

Protecting Yourself in a DUI Investigation

  The fight to protect innocent people charged with DUIs never ends.  Police Officers exaggerate their testimony in many cases, they don't video tape the field sobriety tests even though they have cameras in the car, everything that leaves the defendant without evidence to protect him or her in court.  So, never answer the questions the police officer asks about where you are coming from, where you are going, when you ate last, what you ate, when you started drinking, when you stopped drinking, where you were drinking, or how much you had to drink.  Don't deny drinking if you have been drinking, just don't tell them how much.  Don't do the field sobriety tests; tell the officer I don't do "Subjective Tests" (that is something that calls for an opinion of the officer), no instead "DEMAND, DEMAND, DEMAND A BLOOD TEST AND ONLY A BLOOD TEST."  Don't blow into the breath machine in the street, just take a blood test and preserve your constitutional rights.  Then get yourself a good DUI lawyer in CA.
  The blood test in most cases can be your best friend in a DUI charge as opposed to a breath test.  Most of the time you are going to jail anyway, so don't give the officer anything else to use against you such as those FSTs and PAS(street breath) tests.  I tell that to all people who call me in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area what I have just told you.  When they listen to me, we do really well.  I just had a case dismissed yesterday that was a .15, allegedly, that fact is we will really never know the truth of the alcohol.  In any case, justice was done.  Follow this information to protect yourself.  Good luck!!!!! Donald Gray Drewry


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Rule number 1 is never talk to a police officer. Exercise your right to remain silent. Talk to a DUI lawyer as soon as you can.

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